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    Lumber Treatment

    Termites cause billions of dollars in destruction of homes and businesses every year. Subterranean termites are responsible for most of the damage. Professional Pretreat & Termite Corp experts have solutions to control, manage and eliminate the pest. One solution is to provide a pretreatment to the lumber. During the construction process we treat the lumber framing before the insulation is installed, using a product labeled for the prevention of termite intrusion.  Borate is commonly used, and provides long term protection against termites.

    Sodium borate is chemically related to boric acid. Boric acid is common remedy for insects, and several products are available. A chemical mix may be coated on exposed wood surfaces while a structure is being constructed. The wood that termites eat is not actually digested by the pests. Protozoa in the digestive tract removes nutrients from the wood. Borate kills the protozoa inside the termites. The termites cannot absorb the nutrients they need for survival.